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Examples of the use of Atlas


Navigatum includes comprehensible and informative cartoons for senior schoolers, telling about concrete professions and job-related issues. The cartoons are adapted age-wise: for senior school, 9th grade, middle school, primary school. The youngest ones are offered rhymed cartoons telling about jobs. These cartoons are intended for vocational guidance and provided with ready-for-use methodological recommendations for the class hour based on the cartoon serial “Jobs Kaleidoscope”.

Cartoon Profile

Two characters – brothers Dima and Alexei Dotoshkins (a charactonym meaning “inquisitive, thorough, meticulous”) are geared up for serious exploration of the world of jobs/professions. Teen-aged Dima, with all spontaneity, bombards professionals with inconvenient questions like 'What's your salary?' , 'Is this job really upmarket?', 'How long must one study?', etc.

This cartoon debunks many myths and stereotypes, lifts the prestige of blue collar jobs, explains basic notions like: in what way a 'position' differs from a 'specialty'; how to choose “the” profession; where to get education; what is the social lift; how and why one builds a career ladder; where to find vacation jobs, etc.

The serial “Navigatum: Jobs Kaleidoscope” tunes schoolers onto conscious attitude to the choice of profession and broader - onto responsible attitude to education. It not only provides an answer to the question 'what to be?' but also responds to the notoriously oft-asked teenage inquiry 'what for should I study at all?'.

Based on the serial, the computer games (with/without testing) and multiuser table games are developed.

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Game “The way to profession. Assimilation and mastering”

The task of prompt and feasible vocational-guidance diagnosing has already been actual for quite a while. In present-day fast-changing labor circumstances it becomes challenging. At that, guidance activities are aimed even not so much at determination of a future career per se. Teachers and school psychologists try hard to encourage the applicants-to-be at least to start considering their own future perspectives. With regard to youngsters' interests to-date, suchlike activities had best be implemented in game formats, - games being the leaders of nowadays leisure.

The group “Constructors of practice communities” in cooperation with Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) created the online business game for vocational guidance of senior schoolers named “The way to profession. Assimilation and mastering”, based on materials of the almanac “Atlas of Emerging Jobs”. The game is developed for two professional areas – medicine and biotechnology; its pilot version was demonstrated at the First All-Russia Forum of Gifted Schoolers “Future intellectual leaders of Russia” (

This forum enjoyed over a thousand participants and guests; it was organized according to the Decree of the PF President V. Putin and under the aegis of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the RF President in the Central federal district. The game was conducted at the group session “Medicine of the future”, under the aegis of Russia's biggest pharmaceutical company R-Pharm ( About a hundred 9th- and 10th - graders who plan to work in medicine and pharmacology took part in the game. For several hours, the guys were enthusiastically getting acquainted with future technologies in these professional areas, were analyzing school and university subjects and courses, drawing up personal educational trajectories for becoming the professionals of the future. On the results of that game, almost everyone of them not only felt the desire to carry out similar games in their own schools but also started pondering over the rightness/ value of their own professional choice.

A similar game, conducted by schoolers themselves, was successfully tried-out in the experimental school “Perspective” in Moscow.

Materials for independent holding of the game, with organizational requirements, instruction for carry-out and didactic issues, will be accessible for download on the site in August 2014.

«The Smartest Applicant of Siberia” (SAS) The Applicants Contest based at SibFU (Siberian Federal University)

Each students has their own history of entering the dear-to-heart university. Someone, horrified, recollects losing documents on the last day, someone took the wrong bus and was nearly late for the exam. Some people were only a step away from failure, others, by contrast, were conspicuously splendid at the entrance trial. But somehow, all applicants at all times share a single unifying desire – oh, if only this nightmare could be already over! However, occasionally, stories of a different sort also happen, and in fact there are guys for whom entering the Siberian Federal University this year has turned into a captivating adventure, which they are happy to come back to over and over again.

Quite recently, there came to an end the contest “The Smartest Applicant of Siberia” or, as participants used to abbreviate it, SAS. This year, the contest's page was visited by over 70 000 applicants, and about two thousand school-leavers from 48 regions of Russia and 4 CIS countries tried to test their potential in doing SAS tasks.

It was the Web that made it possible to carry out three stages of the correspondence round and the virtual round. This year, the “Atlas of Emerging Jobs” was used in one of such rounds. The tasks were formulated in the way to bring maximum benefit for participants, who, even having failed to fulfill them, would still get to know something new and useful for themselves.

Participants were to compare professions of the future with the existing ones. So, for example, the guys analyzed education specializations already existent at the University, and made suppositions where one should enter today so as to work, later on, in the entirely new technology.

Task sample. As it turned out, already now SibFU disposes of the research and practical basis appropriate for 80% of professions/jobs from the “Atlas of Emerging Jobs”. For example, to get the profession of “Glazing Specialist” (the one most favored by participants out of all professions listed in the Atlas), from 170 specializations provided by the University an applicant already now can choose two: “metallurgy (profile - composite materials)” and “nanotechnologies”. Some participants even exemplified it: “Glazing Specialist” is the developer of nanocoating for modern electronics (Gorilla Glass as a variant).

Emerging professions/jobs propounded by participants: