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Water transport

Water transport has been vital in Russian history, providing communication between different regions and rich trading opportunities (Volga trade route connected Scandinavia with the Arab caliphate, and the route from the Varangians to the Greeks connected it with Byzantium). Although in the past years the role of water transport reduced to a certain extent, it remains an important part of the transportation industry, especially in freight forwarding. If the intensive use of the Northern Sea Route (the shortest route between Russia’s European region and the Far East) is resumed, it will probably revitalize the industry, and the Russian water transport will regain its significant role in shipping between Europe and Asia.
A multimodal system is advancing in sea transportation (shipment of cargoes under a single contract, using different modes of transportation, e.g. by railway and sea). Intelligent management systems are applied, along with the introduction of new fuels and advanced materials.


Arctic navigation specialist

The profession appears before 2020

Familiar with ice navigation in the Extreme North, able to plot the best course for a ship and make quick decisions to change them in case of emergency.

Professional skills and abilities

Marine infrastructure system engineer

The profession appears before 2020

Professional who develops and implements technologies to increase the resilience of shoreline structures and vessels to different threats (natural, anthropogenic). Training in the specialty is already provided (System Technology of Marine Infrastructure), although a significant upgrade of technologies (in particular, increased environmental requirements and intelligent water transport management systems) will change job requirements.

Professional skills and abilities

Port ecologist

The profession appears before 2020

Specialist monitoring and controlling the environmental characteristics of the port, vessels and the surrounding space (port waters, air and adjacent territories, with all the plants and animals inhabiting them). Develops software to restore the environment of the port and surrounding waters.Western universities are already deploying their own education programmes on port water systems (e.g. the ecosystem of Boston Harbour is described in detail on the University of Massachusetts website).

Professional skills and abilities

Where can i receive basic training
in the specialty?

St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping
Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University
State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg
Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University
Far Eastern Federal University

Employers in the Russian Federation

Группа «Морское речное пароходство»
Объединенная судостроительная корпорация
Северное машиностроительное предприятие
Адмиралтейские верфи